Dominique Watson

Literary agency assisting authors in their literary careers.

Become a Descriptive Writer April Course

Writers will be taken through a three day course that will give tips and advice on how to be more descriptive in their writing. This course is a branch off from the Creative Writing Course and the Help me Write a Page turning Novel Workshop. Writers will be able to paint a better picture with their writing creating a vivid story with well-created scenes and characters.

Help Me Create a Page Turning Novel Workshop May Course

Writers will be taken through a four week course that will walk them through the steps to write a novel. At the end of the course, writers will be ready to write their next best seller. The workshop helps the writer get their ideas from their head on to paper so that they can prepare for the organization of their story.

Characters and Outline Development: The Pre Write Workshop June Course

Three day workshop assisting authors and writers with developing their characters and creating an outline and/or storyboard.

Help me Write my Synopsis! June Course

A three day workshop to help you become successful at writing your own synopsis.

Preparing for a New Release July Course

Join in a seven day workshop that will help you prepare for your upcoming book. Whether you are releasing your first novel or your third, it's a good idea to be prepared for the release. In this workshop, we will discuss various areas in the pre production of your book.

Young Adults: So you want to be a writer? July Course

Seven day workshop assisting young adult authors and writers as they begin their writing career.

More About Dominique Watson

About Literary Agency: Founder and Publisher, Author Dominique L. Watson created Diamond M’press Publications with authors in mind. DMP is the home to many different outlets for authors including, the Author Guidance Program and Literary Career Moves. It is the official publishing house for all of Dominique’s books and is working towards being an elite publishing company for other authors.

Currently, DMP has six active clients that use the service of DMP to enhance their career. It was founded in 2012.

DMP is taking the literary field to a completely different level, working in areas many professionals shy away from, mentoring and leadership.

Any author that comes in contact with DMP and all it has to offer will walk away with a sense of direction and motivation.

DMP and its staff strives to bring you nothing less than professionalism and diamond status.