Spark Education LLC with Nancy Brandt DVM, CVC, CVA, CVMA

Introduction to Safe and Effective Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy ®

Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy® with Dr. Nancy Brandt Module 1 - 4

A Course in the Safe and Effective Use of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in Animals - Facilitated by Dr. Nancy Brandt, Pioneering Veterinarian in Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy(R). Course open to Veterinarians, Veterinary Technicians, Dog Trainers, Animal Behavior Specialists, and Animal Lovers.

More About Spark Education LLC with Nancy Brandt DVM, CVC, CVA, CVMA

Dr. Nancy Brandt is acknowledged as a pioneer in the use of alternative medicine for animals that couples traditional veterinary medicine with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, chiropractic, naturopathy, and aromatherapy.

Dr. Brandt received her B.A. from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, graduating with a triple major in biology, chemistry and physics. She also completed her DVM at the University of Minnesota. She has completed post-doctoral work and holds certifications in acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, functional nutrition, herbology, and naturopathic alternatives. In recent years Dr. Brandt has created innovative healing practices using aromatherapy with essential oils..

Holistic veterinary medicine combines both conventional and alternative therapies for the individual animal. The holistic practitioner takes into consideration not only the patient’s medical history, but also examines genetics, nutrition, environment, family relationships, stress levels, and many other factors. Holistic treatment begins by addressing the patient’s whole current state of health even if it is only a routine examination. If the patient presents with a disease or an injury, the Veterinarian will take steps to ensure the animal is comfortable and out of pain and imminent danger. A holistic practitioner will often dig deeper and take steps to determine multiple causation factors and make appropriate recommendations for the patient’s future good health. Sometimes integrative modalities can find causes not yet investigated by conventional practices.

In recent years, Dr. Brandt has become increasingly impressed with the healing and health benefits of aromatherapy with essential oils for the treatment of animals. Although the benefits of this approach for humans have been common knowledge for many centuries, it is only recently that it has been applied to animals. An early adapter of this healing technique, Dr. Brandt is the founding member of the Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy Association and is a frequent lecturer on the subject. Dr. Brandt is known as the Pioneering Veterinarian in Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy©.

Dr. Brandt maintains a very busy practice in Las Vegas, Nevada where she makes her home.