What kind of Nomad are you? (free lesson)


What kind of Nomad are you?


More About Sarah Neirinckx

After 15 satisfying years spent living and working abroad, I have returned to Belgium and opened my own coaching practice. 

I created Bloom because I am taking my own ambition - being a constructive factor in the society- to a different level. I have worked and lived for 15 years in different development countries. I have a keen interest in development and personal growth.
The main difference with other coaching practices is that I work with a development-oriented framework, where personal development is at the core.
I have an integrative approach to coaching; I work with different international coaching models. As a certified coach, I combine personal experience, gained over the last 15 years, with different coaching models including NLP, enneagram, developmental coaching, and cross-cultural coaching.

I offer guidance and support to people wanting to navigate their own journey through life.