Easy Ways to Reduce Stress with 7 Days!

Are you like a tornado blowing through life? This will help!
Explore Mindfulness each day for 7 Days
Do you rush through the day?
Do you feel like you are a tornado and just rushing through life? Do you feel like you need slow down sometimes? This course will help you bring in more ways to be mindful about our bodies and about things around us.

21 Days to Regain Energy!

Evidence-based methods to relax your nervous system and boost your energy!

As a solopreneur and an empath, I am a save the world kind of person, but I neglected myself. I was like wonder woman, saying yes to everyone, except myself. Empaths often get run down, exhausted and can fall ill, just like I did.
I almost went on disability I was so bad. NOW I am better than ever! And I am sharing a few secrets with you!

Exhausted to Energized: The Natural Approach to Reverse Burnout!

90 Days to go from Exhausted to Energized! Reverse Burnout and Allostatic Load Burden and Gain Energy, Focus and Calm Naturally

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Do you feel pulled in 1000 different directions? Are you wearing too many hats and your health and sanity are suffering?

Are you starting to feel exhausted?

Get SOLID holistic strategies to reenergize your body, have better focus and vitality.

Essential Oil Safety Course

Essential Oil Safety Class

More About mawmawkelli

I am a Professional Herbalist and Wellness Coach

I have  ADVANCED skills as an Herbalist/Aromatherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Health/Wellness Coach, Wild Foods Forager, Botanical Perfumer, and Flower Essence Practitioner and formulator!  My mission in life is to help women struggling with their health to  get solid information so they can live their passion, and I do that through foundational education on reputable holistic practices that lead to long lasting changes.  

I enjoy giving back to my community through Wildlife Rehabilitation and am a state and federally permitted. With a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree,  I am a life long learner.  I love talking to plants, trees and animals, I also teach Ladies Self defense and am a Martial Artist (4th Dan).