Herbal Freedom School (Part 2) BIPOC Communiversity (Winter 2018)

In the second part of the BIPOC Communiversity we continue to learn about liberatory medicine and decolonial health and healing while centering indigenous black and brown and queer, two-spirit, trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming healing histories. We focus specifically on ancestral healing traditions, ceremony and ritual and medicine making. And as we continue on our journey, we continue to connect with our ancestral medicine through reflections and exercises.

More About Toi Scott

Toi is a brown, queer medicine maker of many varieties who is devoted to centering the voices and histories of women, trans, non-binary, and queer folks, and people of color in our healing traditions. They've been making medicine in the form of art, activism, and plant medicine for 8 years. The only herbal revolution Toi is interested in is an anti-colonial one, honoring ancestors of color and reintegrating our spiritual traditions without dilution, bias or appropriation.

Toi's interests besides revolution and liberation are liberatory education and reading and writing about our suppressed history and capacity for healing in many formats: zines, films, plays, etc. They are also into music, dance marathons (not actual competitions) and karoake.