Carolyn Lucento

Montessori Music Teacher and Trainer

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Musically Montessori: First Twelve Weeks

Musically Montessori FREE 5-Day Challenge

"Let's All Sing" Daily Challenge eCourse: Five Lessons for free!

Musically Montessori: "Let's All Sing" 15 Favorite Songs & Activities

Here are Days, Weeks, even Months of All-Time Favorite Songs with Full Music Activities including Downloadable Printables.

Musically Montessori eCourses Mega-Bundle

Four of my Musically Montessori eCourses for Preschool aged children. Fill your entire school year with music activities.

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Musically Montessori: Instruments of the Orchestra

Musically Montessori BUNDLE "Prepare-for-Autumn"

Purchase this Bundle, Musically Montessori "1st 12 Weeks" & "Nutcracker Ballet Suite for Little Kids"

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Montessori Baby-Ed "BUNDLE Month 7 thru Month12"

This bundles Montessori Baby-Ed eCourse Lessons for Month 7 thru Month 12 (6 months of engaging & educational activities for your baby using the Montessori approach with a musical twist)

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Montessori Baby-Ed "BUNDLE Month 1 thru Month 6"

This bundles Montessori Baby-Ed eCourse Lessons for Month 1 thru Month 6 (6 months of engaging & educational activities for your baby using the Montessori approach with a musical twist)

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Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH ONE (Mo. 1)

Bringing Music and The Arts to your baby in the Montessori way.

Montessori Baby-Ed "Month-by-Month" MONTH TWO (Mo. 2)

Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH THREE (Mo. 3)

Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH FOUR (Mo. 4)

Montessori Baby-Ed "Month-by-Month" MONTH SIX (Mo. 6)

Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH FIVE (Mo. 5)

Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH SEVEN (Mo. 7)

Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH EIGHT (Mo. 8)

Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH NINE (Mo. 9)

Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH TEN (Mo. 10)

Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH ELEVEN (Mo. 11)

Montessori Baby-Ed: "Month-by-Month" MONTH TWELVE (Mo. 12)

THE YEAR AHEAD: Musical & Artful Activities for the One-Year-Old and Beyond

Musically Montessori: Nutcracker Suite for Little Kids

Four weeks of Montessori music sessions for bringing the Orchestra to young children, featuring the music from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite.

More About Carolyn Lucento

I'm a long time Montessorian, a grandmother, and admirer of wild flowers, music, and art of all kinds. I created Magical Movement Company in 1992 as a way to enrich the learning experiences of the people around me through Music, Dance, Drama, The Arts and Nature. Over the years, I have worked and played with so many wonderful beings that I just had to create a "company" that includes all of them!

Since 2013, I have been an Orff-Schulwerk Music Specialist in Montessori programs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently I teach one Lower Elementary and thirty Preschool classes each week...that's more than 850 students! And, I love it! 

Before this, I was a Site Director at Fountainhead Montessori and before that I was an ECE Instructor at the American College of California. In 1998, as ECE Instructor, I attained the CA Department of Education PITC Certification Levels 1-4 (Program for Infant & Toddler Caregivers). 

Currently, I am an AMS Instructor at the Fountainhead Montessori Teacher Training Program in Dublin, CA.

I have also owned my own Montessori School, Albion Children's House (in Mendocino, CA). In the 1980's I was the designer at our stained glass business, Asheville Art Glass, with my husband. (in Asheville, NC) And, before all that, I was a High School Social Studies teacher!

In 1980, I received my first Montessori Training from St. Nicholas Montessori College in London, and I became re-certified with AMS in 2006 through the Fountainhead Montessori Adult Education Program where I currently teach their Music Training Workshops to Montessori Interns each Spring.

I have certification in Orff-Schulwerk Music Education for children Preschool through Lower Elementary. I've danced with several Dance Companies in the SF Bay Area and I sing and play traditional Mountain Music on my Appalachian Dulcimer & Autoharp.

My own children were homeschooled through their High School years in our Montessori program, Pacific Coast Erdkinder.