Jennifer Rene Owensūüíē

Jennifer is a mental health advocate and life perspective coach led several conferences for women. She attended Howard University for her LMSW & has been a social worker for over 25 years.

Red Sea Situations Book & WorkBook Online

Red Sea Situations is my personal testament as to how God helped me to triumph in difficult seasons of my life with courage, and get to the Other Side! Life comes in seasons and if we can temper the waves that approach us, we can figure out how to remain spiritually stable in life.

The Rhythm Conscious Life: A Self-Care Course for Steadying Your Life

Interested in having intentional rest? This course makes sure you plan it for your life with GREAT intention. There is nothing like the rest you can create from intentional planning for your own self-care. It helps you to grow, create and flourish in every area of your life,AND prevents stress.

Kamau Care Meditative Series - "Truly Me"

The "Truly Me"- Kamau Care Meditative Series Is Here!

This is the first in a line of several audio series about living well and having positive emotional resiliency.

Kamau Care's mission is to:

"Assist people in living empowered lives by the reduction of stress, frustration and negativity by coming into greater awareness of what personal and emotional resiliency looks like in their everyday lives!"

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More About Jennifer Rene Owensūüíē

Jennifer Owens, LMSW enjoys enlightening others and helping them find rest. She does this in various ways. The most prominent way is: via self-care and self-confidence.¬† She¬† believes once people find their confidence,¬† they find their voice¬† and address important matters of the soul. She has ¬†spent several years ¬†getting to know herself; as well ¬†as studying¬† &¬†researching¬†¬†identity, self-actualization, self-awareness and self-love.‚̧ԳŹ.

Jennifer has had in the past several challenges with 'becoming.' She has entertained negative thoughts, grappled with esteem issues, and experienced lots of rejection, even self hate, and emotional distress in the past 12 years, she has overcome them.  Several of her course objectives are geared towards dealing with those self-fearing thoughts and actions. 

Jennifer wanted to create courses that inspire women to think better of themselves, improve their relationships, & SHINE. " I believe the work  I  create has   became a sincere ministry to the broken-hearted, the sought out and the deserted ones . Those who need to know they are not alone. Jennifer joins you in this  course and receives all comments so be sure to comment!!

" Check out her full time blog at

Jennifer is a¬† resident chaplain, life coach, author, speaker and writing coach. She¬† ¬†has¬† two community¬† ministries - MentorūüíúMySister, and SHINE - (Sisters¬† Helping Intercede¬† Nurture & Excel .)¬† Both involve¬† encouraging women to be¬† leaders¬† and curators of their own esteem, self-development and personal awareness.¬† Her dreams are¬† that Mentor My Sister¬† &¬†¬†Shine both involve¬†traveling the world helping empower and strengthen women and their¬† security and inner resolve.

Jennifer loves to help change minds and hearts and assist them in striving towards living whole and prosperous, purpose-filled lives. Her passion for interviewing, documentaries, photography and discussion has caused her to carry a burden and a passion for those who silently endure with all types of challenges. 

Jennifer won a Central NY  YMCA Leadership Award for her  work with diversity groups and training people in the work of  diversity inclusion and acceptance. 

In 2004 in Central New York , Jennifer honored women at a family conference called ‚ÄúWomen Who Are Able To Produce‚ÄĚ This conference was designed to honor women as leaders in The Syracuse, NY community . She strives to help women in particular,¬†find beauty in their own vulnerability and to help people ¬†find their voices. A Rose in Bloom was Jennifer‚Äôs second conference,¬† in Tulsa Oklahoma & most recently,¬† in 2018,¬† she had a conference in determining spiritual¬† gifts and self worth with Diamonds, in April of¬† 2018.

In her element, Jennifer has held community leadership groups and seminars in South Africa; led youth dialogue sessions about following your dreams; in South Africa; developed teaching manuals for leaders in other countries, taught adjunct professor courses in N.Y. and has held several  online courses and webinars.

In addition, she has and participated in several community leadership and teaching forums and family conferences in Syracuse, New York and Texas.  

As an entrepreneur, empowers women from her ministry, Other Side Enterprises, LLC. Her husband, Timothy Owens manage a training and development business which coach people and organizations with various leadership teams.