Declan & Erica Wilson

Cooking on a Budget: Save money, Eat healthy, Be awesome

More About Declan & Erica Wilson

Cook more, save more, and be health. We are passionate about cooking and know for a fact that feeding oneself in college should never be scary. Our goal is to help people develop healthier eating habits as well as save them time and money.

Declan and Erica’s Story

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We met the first day of college in 2008 at the University of Pittsburgh. We quickly became best friends and began dating a few months later (now we are married as of September 2012, and had our first baby in June 2015).

As we finished out their last semester in dorms, we watched Alton Brown’s Good Eats together almost every night. We amassed a knowledge and curiosity of cooking, getting excited for when we actually would have our own kitchen!

During the summer of 2010, we honed and developed our cooking skills in Erica’s new apartment (Declan’s apartment didn’t have a functioning kitchen). Over the course of a year, we became well-known for our fancy (yet inexpensive) meals we'd whip up together as well as our grocery shopping savvy that allowed us to live off of $10 a day of food.

Now we are here to share what we've learned to help other college students live a healthy, yet frugal, lifestyle.


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Declan always grew up on home cooked meals thanks to his mother, whose ingredients “never came from a box.” His passion for cooking derived after two years of eating campus cafeteria food in which he vowed never to eat again. Declan is also an avid film lover who enjoys watching old films.

Declan graduated from Pitt in December of 2012 with a major in industrial engineering and a minor in film studies. He currently works full time as a Supply Chain Analyst in Pittsburgh and runs and on the side.


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As a kid, Erica was a picky eater. But when her older sister became a vegetarian, Erica had to start eating more of things she hated- vegetables! As the years went on, Erica grew to accept and finally appreciate and like new foods, including all types of vegetables. Trained as a dancer from age three, Erica has maintained a healthy lifestyle, even through college, partly due to being an active member of Pitt Ballet Club (the best organization on campus!).

Erica graduated in April 2013 and majored in bioengineering with a minor in chemistry. She interned at a small medical device company and she is attending pharmacy school as of fall 2013.