Tracey Fletcher King

Lino Printing 201

Lino Printing 201 is a more advanced lino printing class looking at complex one colour lino blocks and advanced hand printing techniques

Lino printing 101

This class covers all you need to create beautiful one colour lino prints at home without expensive equipment like presses. You can use what you learn to create fine art pieces, handprint cards, fabric, or create blocks or stamps for your mixed media work, or for adding to your journals.

Delicious Paint

Drawing and watercolour basics to get you drawing and painting deliciously

Lino Printing Bundle

This bundle covers everything you could want to know about hand printing one colour lino blocks at home...

Course Bundle

More About Tracey Fletcher King

I am an artist, illustrator and teacher from Brisbane Australia. I have many years teaching experience, and hold a Masters degree in Art Education specialising in Creativity Theory... I hope you join me in the classroom. You can find some videos and fun stuff on my youtube channel or on Vimeo if you want a taste of what I do.