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Planning & Productivity for Possibilitarians.

6-week eCourse to design a better way of working and living.

New beginnings await.

:: New ways to work.
:: Better days to design.
:: Lighter living to do.
:: More purpose to feel.
:: Sharper focus to cultivate.
:: Greater productivity to build.
:: Happy moments to make.

You can make your workdays work better for you.

Start today to change how you work for the better for good.

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A digital marketing ecourse for wholehearted entrepreneurs.

Build your courage, create impactful content, earn clicks from your kin.

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The Time - April 2016

Planning & Productivity for Possibilitarians.

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Start today to change how you work for the better for good.

More About Kylie Lewis

I believe life is too short for ironing, beautiful paper brings happiness and you should always buy the shoes. 

I also believe that courage, curiosity, kindness, compassion and self-care are the essential elements for creating a sustainable and meaningful working life. 

I'm a digital strategist with 18 years experience having worked across five online startups in sales, marketing, project management and team development. I'm also the author of the ecommerce checklist guide Add All To Cart, (, blogger, speaker, executive coach and founder of digital consultancy, Of Kin (

When I'm not pounding a keyboard, I'm taking way too many photos on my iPhone, teaching fitness class for pregnant women, tweaking green smoothie recipes or taking a nap.

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