Blue Wren - Spring Delight

I love painting Blue Wrens. They are one of my favourite subjects to paint. I have been teaching how to paint them for years now in live workshops and I have now decided to create and online version so everyone can learn my techniques.

Starry Night - Owl Magic

This workshop is one of my favourites. It features a cute little Pygmy Owl that I call Oscar. The night time background is easy and you can also choose any subject you want to add on the top. I have lots of tips on transferring your image on to the canvas. Beginners are welcome!

Stained Glass Art Intuitive e-Course

This is a lovely new technique playing with stencils and a layered background. "Create magic" by turning your painting into a Stained Glass window.

Beyond The Veil Intuitive Art e-Course

What lies beneath?

Chakra Tree Of Life Intuitive Art e-Course

Bring Balance into your life

Serendipity Intuitive Art e-Course

This is not just a painting class, it is more of a holistic balancing, a healing experience. Reconnecting back to our creative selves and working through the blocks that have been holding us back and telling us we aren’t good enough.

I have created this workshop after discovering that there are so many souls out there who believe they can’t paint or aren’t creative.

These techniques are easy and intuitive. We build layers with transparent paint and stencils.

Serendipity and Beyond The Veil

I am now offering my original two Intuitive Online courses as a duo. The Serendipity is a delightful technique using stencils and translucent paints to create a lovely painting. Beyond the Veil lets us step into that background and bring out the images that are shimmering beneath. You can now register for both these fabulous courses at the same time for a special discounted price. Bundle price will be $333 which is 15% off !

Course Bundle