38 Περιοδικό ΤρίΚχορδο - covers

Ρεπερτόριο, διασκευές τραγουδιών και η τεχνική τους

53 Περιοδικό ΤρίΚχορδο - το μπαγλαμαδάκι

τεχνική, ρεπερτόριο και οργανοκατασκευή

00 Περιοδικό ΤρίΚχορδο - Εισαγωγικές νέες έννοιες

Δοκιμαστική λειτουργία

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Kostas Trikalis is a Greek multiinstrumentalist who put his mind to music at the age of 10. Kostas has spent 18 years playing music in different bands. He specializes in traditional stringed instruments. He has put his brain to composing his own music and cooperating with various artists lately. He deals with instrument-experimental making and sampling. He is the founder of a musical forum called and of experimental instrument-magazine-music method TriKhordo! 

In August 2019 he composed 99 songs with Renoise tracker and Greek bouzouki as the lead instrument.

Music! Walking through music!