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More About Lyndi Cohen

Hello there! My name is Lyndi Cohen, a Sydney Dietitian (APD) and nutritionist who understands first hand that diets cause more harm than good.

After a rocky relationship with food led me to become a dietitian and nutritionist, I made it my mission to help others (like me) who feel let down by diets and want to make peace with their body, food and health.

My nutrition philosophy is simple:

  • Eat more plants and wholefoods
  • Eat less processed food
  • Eat foods you enjoy
  • Eat when hungry
  • Eat mindfully and with respect for food and your body

This common-sense approach to nutrition allows my clients to find the perfect weight for their body, find health at every size (HAES) and feel confident about making healthy choices. I believe health can be achieved without going to extremes.

As a dietitian and nutritionist, I specialise in eating disorders, weight management and healthy eating. 

I am also a leading Sydney nutritionist and dietitian who is regularly quoted by the media on a range of topics and am delighted to be recognised as one of Sydneys Nutrition experts on nutrition, health, HAES, non-dieting and body image.

Disclaimer: The nude nutritionist wears clothes during consults and interviews