A Healing Stone Wellness Academy

Transformational Healing Expert

Sacred Ka Sekhem Reiki Level 1

This is a level 1 Distance Attunement for Sacred Ka Sekhem Reiki. After this attunement you are qualified to practice and perform Sekhem Healing on yourself and loved ones. This is a SELF PACED education opportunity. There are no tests, no grading and no questions will be answered. You are encouraged to do research on your own to gain more knowledge and strengthen your skills as a healer. Practice, practice, practice!!!

Learn Tarot & Oracle With Afrodeity Stone

This is a very informative course where I go in depth about how to become accurate and I even share some personal techniques.

More About A Healing Stone Wellness Academy

Sister Stone is a qualified Spiritual Healer and Teacher. She is a qualified and licensed Intuitive & Spiritual Life Coach with over 20 years of
practical experience. Sister Stone is a Medicine Woman / Spiritual Energy Reader as well as an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker.

Sister Stone holds certifications as a professional certified Reiki Master, Birth Doula,
Hypnotherapist and Certified Herbalist. Sister Stone has helped hundreds of clients worldwide to facilitate very powerful healing
frequencies in their lives over the years and has a proven track record as a compassionate healer/teacher.