Gypsy Grove

Eco-regional Druid, Artist, Herbalist, and Writer Gloria is a daughter of the Earth, traditional hedge witch, eco-regional druid, bio-regional animist, artist and writer.


A transformational art journaling course that draws on intuition, connects heart, mind and soul to allow our inner soul voice to emerge. It is an exceptional opportunity to profoundly inhabit the present moment. This course is for those who are ready to express blocks creatively and use them as a catalyst for change, create unburdened by pressures from outside of self, explore feelings of irritation, frustration, or self-doubt and to transform those feelings into a freer expression through art.

Simple Meditation

Do you think it’s possible, that just by practicing meditation, you can unlock creativity within yourself?

More About Gypsy Grove

Infusing a deep connection to Heart, Mind & Spirit through Intuitive Painting,

As a workshop facilitator, visionary and sacred artist my teaching and intuitive painting infuses a deep connection to heart, mind, and spirit. In honoring intuition, self-discovery and sacred space I believe that each individual holds healing power within themselves.

It is my intention to guide the seeker to their own inner healing and strength.

Through creative thinking, and sacred living I aim to inspire others to live deeper and more meaningful lives for ourselves and all living beings. I see caring for and respect for our Mother Earth, who provides life and nourishment, as Sacred. 

I invite you to journey through a process of self discovery transforming both our view of the world, and our own unique capacity to thrive within it.