Dr. Robert S Dalton

CTM: Branch

CTM: Trunk

Begin some movement patterns designed to give a good connective tissue stretch to bring back vitality to the joints.

CTM: Root

Want to start a solid foundation that you can use right away, do anywhere and anytime, for just a few minutes and see results in one week? Then this is for you! If done regularly, it will happen.

More About Dr. Robert S Dalton

I've been practicing chiropractic for more than 20 years and been teaching anatomy and physiology class for the past 15 years.  The evolution of my practice and paradigm shift into a global concept of motion, led me to connective tissue concepts.  It explains a lot of problems assocciated with bad body biomechanics and many musculoskeletal issues.  My desire is for you to learn these "secrets" that I've found effective in patients and applicable to all people to help reduce pain and improve flexibility.