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BEU2theFULL Month 1 - Dismantling Auto Pilot Beliefs

BeU2TheFull is the platform where you meet you - the divine You. It all happens through self-discovery and mental mastery. ​BeU2TheFull's signature revitalization program is a monthly program up to three-months (if you choose) that will help you take charge of your life and discover your own power. Month 1 - Dismantling Auto Pilot Beliefs (APB) is designed to help you to identify those belief systems that no longer serve you or which are negative in nature that you rehearse over and over again.

The Mental Workshop

A 3-Part Refocusing Your Mind Lesson

Life Coaching Courses

Become a certified life coach and start your new career today!

The 30-Day ROAR Campaign and Day Retreat

Do you sometimes feel like a sleeping giant? You have so much untapped potential, but is something holding you back? In this 30-day challenge, your answer is here. Get excited, motivated, unstuck and energized to reshape, reinvent and reset your life.

Unafraid and Fifty: 5-Week Video and Online Course

Power pushes to get you down your yellow brick road.

LIVE.RIGHT.NOW, An 8-Day Self-Examination Course

Are you in a season where you need to make some drastic changes in your life? This online course will help you to think about how important living in the NOW is in your life. YOU can get what you want when you find it within yourself!

The Brenda Coaching Plan

"Brenda" has always wanted to write a book, but she doesn't know where to begin. She has journaled for a period of time and has foundational writings to create her book. She needs coaching to guide her through the book development process. Follow my simple online course and learn 11 simple instructional lessons on writing and self-publishing your book.

More About Janice McMillian

Janice McMillian is a Certified Personal Life Coach Trainer, independent author, radio host and speaker and entrepreneur. 

It's important to know what your gifts are in life because they create a gateway for you to express and walk in your God-given assignment(s). My areas of passion are teaching, exhortation, and writing. I help others find a healthy balance between work, family and self. 

My background includes over twenty-five years of human resource experience that has equipped me to guide and help people reinvent themselves as they transition into new phases of life. My passion in life is seeing people awakened to their divine life purpose and then walking in it.

I sincerely believe "it's important that you find the intersection between your unique gifts, talents and passions and connect them with the life that you want and desire. It's about walking in a maximized place in life. If that is not happening then there is something wrong with the decisions and choices you've made along the way."