The Vital Components to Real Dog Health

Why will half the dogs alive today get cancer? Are you healing or helping by your current choices? Join the growing community who know real health doesn't come in a bag, box or prescription and learn exactly what to do.

Vaccines, the Good, Bad & the Ugly

The Best Raw Dog Food

The new rage is raw but how do you do it right? Let me share what took me nearly a decade to learn.

This course has audio, video, written and photos to help you be the best dog parent on the planet.

Ridding your Dog of Giardia

More About Andrea Partee

I remember being called a health nut by my friends back in my 20's. I still don't think I was. My mother simply taught me to be a label reader. What a gift that turned out to be because it made me question.

 I  wanted to know what I was putting in my body through my mouth and my skin. Then eventually into my children's bodies. After some harsh wake up calls I was appalled at what was going into my dog's bodies and even more appalled that no one else was paying attention either. As it turns out, what we don't know about dog health can and does kill our dogs.

I'm not just talking about food either. Every single thing we put in or on their body either promotes or destroys health. It took half my life to figure this stuff out so shouldn't I save others the 20 or 30 years it took me to learn?

In 2007 I vowed to make a change and began the Three Little Pitties website named after the 3 pit bull pups my sons and I raised. It was scary. After all, I was saying the opposite of many websites on dog health. I kept reading and kept learning through books, magazines, webinars and natural health practitioners. And now that there are over 50,000 pages read per month at Three Little Pitties Dog Health (and growing) and I've had lots of requests to learn more; I now have the confidence to spill the beans about everything, including a dog health care system that turns out to be more like a disease management system

. . . and that my friend just isn't good enough.