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Acing Behavioral Based Interviews

This course will teach you how to communicate your skill set during an interview. I cover common behavioral based questions, why employers ask them, and how to answer them strategically.

Building Career Tools

This course teaches job candidates how to build their career tools-Resume, Cover Letter, Portfolio- to maximize the job search process. Having the proper tools will ensure your credentials reach a recruiter.

Resume Revamp Course

Navigating Job Fairs

Job fairs are great ways to connect with Recruiters face-face and make a good impression for job openings. In this presentation, I will address 3 common myths about why job fairs arent effective and give you solutions to help you turn that around. Download the presentation below and follow along with the audio.

Career Bootcamp


The Career Bootcamp is a 4 course module designed to help college students and entry level professionals develop career tools and strategies. The modules cover building career tools, effective job searching, interview tactics, and career planning/mapping. The goal is to teach candidates how to market themselves to top employers and secure a career in their chosen field.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help job seekers get hired faster in their desired career path and industry. I offer career accelerator course and services that help job seekers save time in their job search, earn higher salaries, and increase overall career satisfaction.