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5 Step Formula to build a solid social media presence for sales!

Facebook Ads Class for Beginners

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Your 30 Day Social Media Plan

Create Your 1st Online Program w/ Ease

Do you want to package your expertise into a simple program, webinar, ebook or series? This intense 90 minute training will show you what you need to do to create and sell your program.

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More About Natalie Gouché

Natalie Gouche’ is a social media marketing trainer based out of Los Angeles, California. She uses her expertise in marketing to help others master the new age of communication.

In 2008 Natalie started her career in social media as a frustrated small business owner looking to expand her global reach. She used social media to attract customers, grow sales in her health business and brand her name. In less than 6 months Natalie was able to quit her corporate job and triple her income using only online strategies. In 2010 she founded L.A. Social Media Trainer Inc. and decided to train and empower others on how to effectively use the social media-marketing platform to grow their businesses. She can be found around Los Angeles training, speaking and teaching as well as doing webinars for her international clients.