Jessica Gokey

How To Create Ojibwe Floral Beadwork

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More About Jessica Gokey

My name is Jessica Gokey. I live on the Lac Courte Oreilles (LCO) Reservation in Hayward, Wisconsin. I have been beading over ten years and have beadwork art in local art galleries and have been commissioned to make pieces of beadwork for people. August 2013, I won the “Best Traditional Artist 2013” award.

I taught an extension college class beading bandolier bags at the LCO Ojibwa Community College earlier this year. I’m passionate about teaching and started a weekly beading circle called “Beading Traditions.” It is my desire to be of service by giving of my time and knowledge to teach beadwork to community members. As an Ojibwe it is very important to me to keep the tradition of beadwork alive and doing beadwork is a huge part of my life.

As a child I watched my aunt do beadwork, which was passed down to her by an elder. Over the years I have perfected my technique due to other artists and elders sharing their ideas and tips. I am grateful to the artists who mentored me over the years as I aspire to be an accomplished artist as my mentors.

It is through my beadwork that I keep Ojibwe traditions alive by incorporating traditional Ojibwe floral patterns. I strongly believe sharing my knowledge of traditional Ojibwe beadwork will help preserve the art of beadwork for future generations.