The Marketing Boutique

We provide brand reputation management, public relations and digital marketing services. It is the integrated marketing and communications approach supported by 20 years of expertise.

The Business Toolkit

The Business Kit is perfect for the new entrepreneur with a limited marketing budget and needs marketing know-how and strategic planning. In addition to the course bundle, you receive the Basic SEO To-Do List, Sales Forecasting Excel Template, Top Ten Actions To Create Strong Brand and more! The Business Kit includes all the resources and templates you need to plan, make decisions and drive your business forward.

Course Bundle

BRANDED! Learn Marketing Planning

Most successful businesses start with a plan! The BRANDED course will guide you to help you complete your personalized marketing plan. BRANDED is a 5-week, value-packed marketing course.

You will gain specific skills to build an actionable marketing plan, learn what it takes to make a brand, understand competitive forces and how a great brand will help grow your business!

How To Stand Out At Trade Shows

In this e-course, you'll learn marketing tips to improve foot traffic at your next trade show. You will receive the Capture Your Brand Power eBook, the Trade Show Budget Template, Show Analysis and a 5-days of insight - all brought together to help you plan and budget successful corporate events. This course is applicable for trade shows, conferences, corporate events and seminars! The Capture Your Brand Power Guide is jammed with actionable tips!

Corporate Event Budget Template

It's all about the numbers!

You'll receive a realistic event budget template with a working budget, an example and analysis document.

Plus, receive 5 budget lessons! Proven lessons from years of event planning for local and global events, best practices and expanded topics on budgeting. Work your numbers and make every event a success!

Easy Budget Template

A concise, working trade show budget template with budget sample and analysis section applicable for any trade show size, location and style. Can also be used for events and conferences! Easy to use!

More About The Marketing Boutique

The Marketing Boutique helps build brands! We are a small boutique, experienced in brand development and marketing strategy. 

We help to create exciting brands that will make you stand apart from your competition! We achieve this by writing engaging and relevant content for your targeted audience, develop integrated marketing strategies to improve company growth and design communication programs you can use, these are the things that matter to today’s young businesses.

If you need strategic planning, need to develop an engaging brand, new website or some public relations help, we are your team!