Kara Jones

heARTmaking + education: helping you find creative approaches to grief + life experiences

Creative Grieving 101: an on-demand heARTfull support

How do we stay creative while grieving? Or how can we use creativity to navigate grief experiences? This course offers you lots of creative prompts to explore. Let's begin finding our way and tending our hearts!

10 day bodily creative grief course, on-demand

In this session, we offer you 10 days of guided audio to allow you to curiously explore the relationship between the body and grief. Examples of creative response are offered, and you are invited to respond in any medium you like writing, visual art, photography, or whatever way you like.

Chronic Illness Creatives, on-demand

Being chronically ill doesn’t mean you stop being a writer or artist or whatever kind of creative you are. So we invite you to read, write, make heART in this self-paced community as a way of continuing and sharing your practice with like-minded others.

27 Days To Investigate Your Grief, on-demand

On-demand, self-directed, new creative prompt each day for 27 days.

More About Kara Jones

Hi! I'm Kara Chipoletti Jones, creative grief educator, coach, and heARTist behind the offerings at