Aesthetics Palace Training Academy

Aesthetics Palace is a leading independent academy that can offer you training with expert trainers who have experience in medical and non-medical aesthetics.


Jalupro is an injectable treatment containing amino acids. It stimulates fibroblasts in the skin to produce collagen and elastin restoring elasticity and volume to the skin.

Breast Filler

Shoulder Toxin


Students will learn from one of the leading semi-permanent makeup artists in the industry.

A technician trained to the highest standard can earn up to lots during their first year of practice.
Students are taught in small classes of 2.
We teach students how to ADVERTISE and MARKET their new company.


This is a procedure designed to improve the appearance of thread vein

We equip you with the knowledge to treat malformations of the blood vessels – varicose and thread veins

Sclerosant is a medicine thats injected into the veins causing them to shrink. Taught by our Medical team.

BIO Plasma filler


Russian Lips course

Learn the latest techniques

Fox eyes PDO

Fox eyes PDO

Advanced B-tox

Body PDO

B-Tox Bum Lift


Glutathione is an antioxidant produced in cells. It’s comprised largely of three amino acids: glutamine, glycine, and cysteine.

Anatomy and physiology

CelluErase & Strikecell

Celluerase is a microsurgical blade treatment specifically designed to erase depressed lesions that results from the alteration of the network of connective tissue strands that tethering the dermis to the deeper layers.
Permanent results depending on client


Luminera Hydral Course

For existing injectors only.


Neofound Skin Booster Training Course

online training for experience injectors only

Vitamin B12 – IM

Profhilo Course


Microneedling is the insertion of very fine short needles into the skin for rejuvenation.

Biotin Injection Course

This is for existing injectors only.

Can be done online check with your insurance!

Vitamin D IM Injection Course

This is for existing injectors only.

Vitamin D helps the body in many ways, it improves the immune system as well as helps to strengthen bones.

Vitamin C IM

Learn have to safely and correctly administer Vitamin C injections as well as the benefits of this treatment. For existing injectors only.

PDO & Rhinoplasty

Non surgical rhinoplasty nose thread lift

Advanced Facial Projection

This is an add on to the Advanced Dermal Filler course

Advanced Tear Trough

This is an add on for the Advanced Dermal Filler course.

IV Vitamin Drip Therapy

This training course includes Phlebotomy for those who have no experience of venepuncture.

Full complications included.

Extensive list of IV cocktails available, and be as well as best practice, all apparatus needed.

Upon completion of the online lessons, 1 days training within one of our academies is required to be fully accredited.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is currently one of the most talked about procedures in the aesthetic industry and is a fantastic addition to any aesthetic clinic.

Our PRP training course will prepare you with everything you need to know about the clinical procedure, and will of course be delivered by a team of experienced professionals.

Full risks & complications included

Upon completion of the online lessons, 1 days training within one of our academies is required to be fully accredited.

Advanced Rhinoplasty

We stipulate at least 6 months experience following the foundation dermal fillers course or equivalent.

This course includes;

Refresh on facial Anatomy & Physiology
Anatomy of the Nose
Aesthetic Medicines
Hyaluronidase (Filler Removal)

This is a add on to the Advanced Dermal Filler course.
Upon completion of the online lessons, 1 days training within one of our academies is required to be fully accredited.

DesoBody& Desoface & Aqualyx

After being deposited into subcutaneous fat, the formula goes to work liquefying any fat cells, permanently destroying them and naturally eliminating the lipids through the lymphatic system.

Upon completion of the online lessons, 1 day training within one of our academies is required to be fully accredited.

Dental Block (Lidocaine Infusion)

This half day course teaches how to administer a Dental block, this can truly be a game changer in regards to attracting new clients for “Pain Free Lips”

Non-Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift


Stay ahead of your competition with this game changer!.

We do not use Sculptra

Upon completion of the online lessons, 1 day training within one of our academies is required to be fully accredited.

Butt injections, using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

Bum injections, provide a non-surgical butt lift and are used when patients do not have enough excess fat for buttock.

Advanced Dermal Fillers

You must be an existing injector with 6 months experience to go on to this course.
Suitable for Advanced practitioners

This course focuses on the golden ration and creating the correct facial projection – contoured look.

Advanced fillers for the mid and lower face.

You pick 3 areas:

Liquid Rhinoplasty
Tear Trough
Cheek Enhancement
Jawline Enhancement
Chin Enhancement
This advanced masterclass with teach you both injection and cannula techniques

PDO Threads

Upon completion of the online lessons, 1 day training within one of our academies is required to be fully accredited.

Taught by our Doctor or Carla , we go through in depth theory which is medically led in the morning as well as anatomy and physiology of the facial areas.

Training areas include: brow lift, fox eyes, cheeks, jowls, jawline lift, lip flip and neck.
5 and 10 point facelift

You will leave equipped with our unique techniques and industry leading medical knowledge.

Foundation Toxin

This course includes the techniques with the product as well as adverse effects, in depth theory, full facial anatomy and complications.

During this training course you will gain the knowledge and skills to administer Botulinum Toxin.

Our medical training team equip you with their industry leading knowledge, they have a full UK list of prescribers that is shared with you.

Upon completion of the online lessons, 2 days training within one of our academies is required to be fully accredited.

Foundation Dermal Fillers

If you are a Level 3 Beauty Therapist or have at least 6 months in SPMU with Anatomy and Physiology, a paramedic, registered doctor, nurse, dentist or dental nurse you can enroll.
Certain other qualifications are also acceptable so please just ask.

Anatomy & Physiology
First Aid
Aesthetic Medicines
Hyaluronidase (Filler Removal)

Upon completion of the online lessons, 1 to 2 days training within one of our academies is required to be fully accredited.

More About Aesthetics Palace Training Academy

Established by our CEO Carla Jones, Aesthetics Place has been responsible for designing new qualifications and courses. Carla is our Academy Founder and is an advanced teacher within the Aesthetics industry; she’s fully insured and meets all HEE guidelines. Fully first aid trained and trained to deal with all complications.

Carla works very closely with our in-house Doctor, Dr. Malik. Our medical training team has industry-leading knowledge that is passed directly to our students. The team has quickly built their client base through their excellent reputation as leaders within the Aesthetics Industry.

The clinic and Academy have a very friendly, calming, and welcoming atmosphere.

We offer a range of aesthetic courses, so if you want to perfect the art of dermal fillers or contour a customer’s body to perfection, we can help you.

We offer training to a range of different students from all different backgrounds, professions, and experience levels. We train both medics and non-medics. If you have passion and enthusiasm for the art of aesthetics, we can help you.

Each course comes with several factors, including practical training, advanced theory training, e-learning, complications, anatomy training, advanced aftercare support, strong clinical oversight, and not short of a prescriber list.

At Aesthetics Palace, we offer a variety of courses, some of the ones we are most well known for are;

Foundation Dermal Filler
Pathways to Aesthetics
PDO Threads (Face & Bum)
Body Contouring
We also have a 24/7 support line number in case of an emergency to ensure you always have that comfort and security after you leave us.

Training Medics and Non-Medics

Carla Jones and Dr Malik are the senior trainers and managers of aesthetics place; both have years of experience within the Aesthetics industry. Their mission is to provide anyone with a passion for the industry the training and qualifications necessary to begin their career, whether their students have medical backgrounds or are entirely new to the industry.

To ensure that all our students thrive after their training, Carla invests in them, providing personal mentoring and lifetime support, allowing students with no knowledge of the industry to build their future through her network, advice and experience.

Carla’s vision is to help anyone who wishes to enter the industry the opportunity to gain qualifications and thrive. Carla designed the Pathway to Aesthetics course to provide Medic and non-medic students with the necessary training to begin their career in the aesthetic industry.

Dr Malik is a medically trained professional. He has worked within the medical industry for several years, and now he has brought that experience and expertise to the aesthetic industry. Dr Malik’s vision is to bring high-quality treatments to the aesthetics world, backed by medical qualifications.

As part of his vision, Dr Malik wants to bring more medical professionals into the aesthetics industry. He specialises in training students with medical experience in multiple aspects of the aesthetic industry. We provide advanced courses for these students to help them rapidly advance their careers within the industry.

Our Clinics

The Training Academy has our Head Quarters in Cheshire. We also have a Training Academy on Harley Street, London, not to mention our CQC Registered premises based in Bolton, providing high-quality treatments and expert knowledge to everyone.

We also provide models for live demonstrations at each of our locations. Students not only watch a treatment but are also able to gain some practical experience as they practice their technique under the instruction of their trainers on the models.