Thysha M. Shabazz

Business Coach. Digital Marketer. Teaching Artists & Entrepreneurs how to make MONEY Online

Instagram for Beginners

Are you wondering?

👉🏾 How are people making money on Instagram?

👉🏾 What are the basics? And how does it work?

👉🏾 How does their page look so professional? And mine whack?

What you will learn:

👉🏾 The basics of Instagram and how to make 💰 $money$ 💰 from the platform!

👉🏾How to curate your page so it looks beautiful and attractive

👉🏾Tips that marketers and influencers use!

👉🏾 Easy tips to have fun and get money on the platform!

More About Thysha M. Shabazz

Hey! I am Thysha and I am passionate about teaching: artists, creatives and entrepreneurs how to make money online through Instagram!