Mary Pal

I'm a fibre artist who loves sharing tips and ideas for adding cheesecloth texture to beautiful fabrics to make dramatic art quilts.

Colouring Cheesecloth

Surprise! Seven different products you may already have that you can use to easily create beautifully coloured cheesecloth to add texture and movement to all your fibre art creations.

Cheesecloth Explorations 2: Introduction to Portraiture

Learn how simple it is to create a portrait out of cheesecloth. No drawing skills required! Learn fibre artist Mary Pal's unique method of manipulating cheesecloth that combines “sculpting” or “painting” with fibres and stitching them to a background fabric. Confident beginner friendly.

Cheesecloth Explorations 1: Windswept Pine

This workshop is an introduction to the many ways cheesecloth may be used in fiber art. Cheesecloth? Oh yes! It's such a versatile medium! First, learn to colour cheesecloth with paint, ink or dye. Then learn Mary's tricks for shaping the fibres to portray any number of textures. Finally, learn how to use Neocolor II crayons to paint your background to create a beautiful home for your windswept pine. A fun one-day project suitable for adventurous sewists.

Intro Cheesecloth Combo

Combined, these two classes - Windswept Pine and Intro Portrait - form the Fundamentals of Cheesecloth. Register for this bundle and save 15%.

Course Bundle

More About Mary Pal

I am a Canadian fibre artist best known for my cheesecloth portraits. My work has been published in numerous books and magazines and featured on television and I also exhibit internationally. But most importantly for you, I have been sharing my passion for textile art with students all across the globe for many years and now am offering exciting virtual workshops that anyone can take from the comfort of their own home. 

My Cheesecloth Explorations series comprises two Intro and soon, two Advanced, classes, which are intended to be taken sequentially.

My students enjoy how I make a seemingly difficult task so easy, by breaking it down to simple steps, so that absolutely anyone can achieve success. I would love to help you see how easy it is to incorporate cheesecloth in creative ways into your own artwork.