Karen Bachell

Karen's DOGS specialise in solving dog behaviour problems with our personalised, private training and behavioural sessions. We are excited to now be able to offer online courses... happy training!

Train with me!

Life Skills (Level 2)

Life Skills (Level 1)

Muzzle Training

HELP! My dog gets distracted!

After training your dog all the different cues it is vital to carry out distraction training. The goal of distraction training is to ensure your dog will carry out all cues, no matter what is in their environment. These course will help you master distraction training, vital for 'outside' cues - loose lead walking, impulse control and recall!

Co-operative care

Co-operative care means giving your dog choice about the handling you are doing (e.g. nail clippings, grooming, ear cleaning etc.) By giving our dogs choice they let you do so much more than you think they would! 

Three in-depth training videos guide you through everything to help you make your dog feel more comfortable.

Overcoming separation anxiety

Reactive to Relaxed

For dog who react to anything (e.g. people, dogs, kids, joggers, bikes, sounds, through the fence etc.) whether your dog is reacting due to fear, anxiety, excitement, frustration or even a mixture!

This course will help you to gain stress free dog walks once more!

Suitable for all dog owners

​46 videos to guide you through everything