The Golden Race, LLC

A Metaphysical Institute


We present life-saving information to our participants during these monthly meetings.

Live Q&A Session

Welcome to the Golden Race Mystery School.

Full Initiation Neophyte Level 1

Mystery School Enrollment

7 Day Chakra Detox

Cleanse each chakra point during this 7 day cleanse

13 Day Powerhouse Detox

Heal your mind, body, and soul during this 13 Day Detox


This course will introduce you to the ancient science of astrology.

Ayurveda Natural Healing Program

Learn the medical and spiritual system of Ayurveda in this 12 week course

Beginner Handgun Fundamentals

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the safe handling of and proper orientation for pistols and revolvers.

Crystal Healing

Learn how crystals can heal your body naturally.

Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Learn how to enhance your innate psychic abilities


This 10-week course will teach you how to use nature to heal and enrich your life

Home School Parent Training

Learn how to create a successful home school

Energy Vampires

Learn how to identify them and protect yourself from their influence

Kemetic Spirituality

Kundalini Rising

The Divine Resurrection

Magic 101

Learn how to work with the forces of nature to change your life.

Magical Qabalah

Mastering Spiritual Abundance

Learn how to bring wealth and prosperity into your life using ancient sciences in this 8 week course


Metaphysical Healing

This 4-week course will bring balance into your life

Metaphysics for Beginners

4-week occult course

Mind, Body, and Soul Detox

Learn how to purify your mind, body, and soul

Natural Healing

Learn how to heal your body naturally

Reiki Master Training

Learn ancient healing techniques in this 12-week course

Removing a Curse

Find out if you are cursed and learn how to break it


Learn how self love can change your life for the better.


Learn the ancient art of working with nature to experience altered states of consciousness.

Survival Training Program

Learn how to survive a economic collapse, pandemic, or social breakdown in this 4 week course

Telephone Counselor Training

Learn how to assist your clients in a virtual setting

Spiritual Protection

Learn more about spiritual interaction in this 4 week course

Voodoo for Beginners

Learn more about this ancient religion

Yoga Course

We challenge you to take our 30 day Yoga course.

More About The Golden Race, LLC

We are a virtual learning institution created by the metaphysical experts Ausar N Auset.  This mystery school was designed with the specific purpose of elevating the vibratory frequency of humanity.