Dr. Jason Loken ND, DOMP, PhD (cand)

Dr. Jason Loken ND, DOMP, PhD (cand) practices integrative medicine via telemedicine all over the world. He is co-founder with his wife, Téa of the transformational organization, Adventures In Joy.

The Letters That Move The World, Intentional Acts of Gratitude

Letters That Move The World shows us the miracle of how the simple act of writing letters from the heart can start a ripple, a transformation of this world to a place where people care about and respect themselves, each other, every nation, and our global environment. And it introduces the celebration of Gratitude Day (G-Day), a day that brings it all into focus.

More About Dr. Jason Loken ND, DOMP, PhD (cand)

Dr. Loken and his wife Téa sincerely believe that when we take the time to truly care for
ourselves, we ignite our capacity to care for others and ultimately our

Through their platforms, The Inspire Health Podcast and Adventures In Joy,  their mission is to investigate, experience and integrate the awakening of our true potential and to share the tools, strategies and wisdom we’ve gained with others in order to create a culture of joyously aware and connected individuals.