Ty Givens

Founder & CEO of The Workforce Pro | Customer Experience Business Partner

Omni Present Leadership

So often, I think we forget that leadership is about the people first. Happy people lead to happy customers, and in 20+ years in leading CX teams, I've learned happy people come from clear, concise and tangible communication. Let's talk about how conversations (yes actual words) lead to informed team members, and more satisfied customers!

Managing Up

How to manage many projects... and your boss!
Get quick tips on juggling and looking great for those who hire you for your expertise!

Custom Light Agent Zendesk User Training for Thought Industries

Zendesk Light Agent Training for Thought Industries

Custom Zendesk User Training for Thought Industries

Zendesk User Training for Thought Industries

Automating your Zendesk: Triggers and Automations

Are you using Zendesk? Are you overwhelmed knowing all it can do, but having trouble actually making the system work for you? If so, this short webinar is for you! I'll show you how to use triggers and automations that will save you many hours of work using logic.

The Workforce Pro is an authorized Zendesk Partner, so if you have additional needs, let us know!

Workforce Management Oversimplified

Learn step one in planning for a scalable Customer Experience team by learning to predict your workload and estimate your staffing requirements.

Creating Successful Customer Experiences

Acquiring Customers is one part of the equation. How will you keep them once you get them. This course will cover the key components you will need to focus on as you build or create your Customer Experience.

More About Ty Givens

Ty Givens is the founder and CEO of The WorkForce Pro, the leader in contact center success solutions. Her strategic guidance played an integral part in the global success of Thrive Market and ShoeDazzle. Givens is known for her ability to save client’s millions in revenue, improve call answer rates by over 40% and increase productivity by over 30%. She is a trusted advisor to many high profile clients within the e-commerce, healthcare and retail space making her one of the most sought-after strategists for contact centers.