Vas Avramidis

Herbalist, Artist, Spiritual Ecologist

Foundations of Christian Herbalism

Answering the Call to be a Christian Holistic Herbalist

Someone is suffering right now and looking for a holistic minded Christian to ease their discomfort. They have exhausted all other avenues and are waiting for you to answer the call to become a Christian Holistic Herbalist. If you are ready to be the answer to someone’s prayers, then the Foundations of Christian Herbalism Course is for you.

More About Vas Avramidis

The school of Christian Herbalism was founded by herbalist Vas Avramidis in 2019. Avramidis has been studying the herbal arts, ecology, meditation/mindfulness, nutrition, and alternative health for nearly twenty years. He has formally studied the herbal arts, nutrition, theology, and alternative health through a variety of institutions, including:

Herbal Academy of New England, School of Evolutionary Herbalism, Cornell University, Practical Primitive, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Stanford University, Duke Farms, State University of New York (SUNY), and St. Elias School of Orthodox Theology.

In addition to studying the herbal arts and holistic health, Vas Avramidis holds degrees in Fine Arts, Visual Studies, and Sacred Theology. Avramidis has also spent time living an Eastern Orthodox
Monastery and studying ancient spirituality, world religions, and meditation.