EcoAddendum (also known as Eco-A) is a 501-C3 non-profit organization based in Atlanta, GA. We are dedicated to educating about natural environments in Atlanta and the Southeast.

Eco-Literacy Atlanta Orientation Program

Learn to "read" a forest though the trees, wildlife and diverse species found in greenspaces and backyards in metro Atlanta and beyond.

More About EcoAddendum

This course was created by EcoAddendum (Eco-A) Executive Director and lead naturalist Kathryn Kolb. Since 2013, Kathryn and her team have led nearly 300 guided naturalist walks and other educational events with an emphasis on older forested areas in metro Atlanta parks and greenspaces along with outings to natural places in Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida. With a sense of wonder and discovery, Eco-A explains the science behind nature’s inter-connected systems with accessible, creative presentations and field experiences. By teaching the character and value of native trees, plants, birds and wildlife, we share the joy of recognizing and understanding the details, often overlooked, that are critical clues to the story of our native forest and a healthy ecosystem. When we understand nature in our own communities and backyards, we become better stewards of our environment both locally and globally. For more information about Eco-A, click HERE.