Hallid Smith

Business mentor and executive Coach


This is a practical online course that shows you how to complete online tenders for government .Includes valuable tips to increase your chances of winning BIDs .Platforms will include but not limited to the City of Cape Towns E-Portal ,Western Cape Government procurement platforms (IPS) and The central supplier database.(CSD)


This course equips business owners with the training, solutions and mentoring required to create the environment for sustainable and measurable business growth. The target audience would be business owners and directors,may also include senior/middle managers and entrepreneurs.
This course makes use of a variety of knowledge transfer methods, including easy to read content, practical activities, video presentations, audio commentary, assignments and one on one mentoring sessions (Sponsored)

More About Hallid Smith

I am a business development specialist with more than 12-years experience developing people and businesses. I am a qualified skills development facilitator (SDF), assessor, moderator and certified life coach. Along with the help of my amazing team I facilitated in excess of 500 high level interventions over the last two years .

I have in-depth experience in several fields including executive coaching, strategic planning, organizational development, team and personal dynamics, leadership, marketing, sales, project management, conflict management, skills development and small enterprise development. My greatest asset is my network and my ability to interact with people at any level, whether it’s a CEO of a billion dollar corporation or a homeless person on the street.
One of my greatest accomplishments, other than the birth of my four amazing boys into this world, was developing the Greenhouse Incubator program. The vision of the Greenhouse growth program started many years ago with a quest to develop a unique and comprehensive business program that could guarantee measurable business growth. Greenhouse has been developed through extensive research, collaboration and consultation with reputed, key specialist consultants in South Africa and abroad. The poignant question I posed was: “What are the key areas of business growth and what is the recipe for its success?