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Customer Services Management

Customer Service is defined as value-added features or services offered with the product that the customer has bought in order to make him happy. It also means constant support and helps offered by the organization for using the product which is bought.

Fashion Design Management

Clothing has long been used as more than just a way to cover people's bodies. Different types of clothing clearly reveal status, especially in the past but even today, and also the wearers’ personalities. This need to conceal and also to reveal relies on a range of different clothing types and will often be chosen by wearers to do both. One of the most puzzling aspects of clothing is fashion.

Travel & Tourism Management

Tourism and tourists are common words, heard and used almost every day. Pick up any newspaper and you will find a lot of things related to tourism, for example, products, government policies, the impact on the local economy, the hospitality of the local people, and so on.

Construction Management Course

This course presents a brief introduction to the construction industry. Construction is indeed one of the most important Industries on earth dating backing to the beginning of civilizations.

Public Relations Management

Introduction to Public Relations
Differences and Similarities in Public Relations, Advertising, and Publicity
Public Relations’ Tools and Methods

Strategies for Reducing Airplane Downtime

Aircraft Downtime is the time that the aircraft is out of operation when it is supposed to be flying and generating revenue.

Maintenance Program Optimization

Maintenance and Reliability Program Relationship
Why Optimize Maintenance Program?
Methods for Optimizing Maintenance Program

Event Management Course

The origin of the word event can be traced to the Latin word ‘events,’ which refers to extraordinary occasions or occurrences.

Human Resources Management

Human Resource Management was originally known as personnel or people management. In the past, its role was quite limited. Within any company or organization, HRM is a formal way of managing people. It is a fundamental part of any organization and its management.

Lean Management Implementation at an Airline

Accelerated Improvement Workshop – Heavy Maintenance Visit (HMV) application.
A disciplined problem-solving methodology used to improve processes.

Human Factors in Your Maintenance Organization

What is Human Factors? Why is Human Factors Important? Regulatory Requirements for Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance- HF Considerations in Production Planning & Control-Maintenance Human Factors Support.

Business Management Course

There are certain conditions that need to be understood and fulfilled in order for a business to flourish in any environment. Be it for production or for the purchase or sales of goods and services, one has to keep in mind the kind of environment they are working with and adapt its working to the environment

Start Your Online Business & Internet Marketing Training

Over the past several decades, the consumer shopping experience has slowly shifted from bricks-and-mortar style shopping to the Internet.

Developing a Risk Management Framework

For a risk management framework to be effective, there must be an appropriate balance in focus on both the “hard” aspects of risk management (i.e. processes and structures) and the “soft” aspects (i.e. culture and people).

Project Management Course

A project is an effort that involves a series of activities and resources, aimed to achieve a certain output, considering constraints like time, quality and cost and which often introduces a change.

Supply Chain Management

The concept of Supply Chain Management originated in the late 1980s and became popular in the 1990s. Before the arrival of this concept, the terms operation management and logistics were used by the businesses.

The Aging Airplane Safety Rule (AASR)

Background and Guidance Materials - Operator Implementation Plan (OIP)- New Repairs- Existing Repairs- New Alterations- Existing Alterations

Maintenance Production Planning and Control

Production Planning and Control is a process that maximizes the utilization of resources (labor, material, and facilities) to obtain minimum downtime of the aircraft under a given set of constraints.

Airplane Structural Safety and Continued Airworthiness

Aircraft Design and Manufacturing - Design Service Objective (DSO) - Fatigue Test - Aviation Safety - Aging Airplane Continued Airworthiness/Industry Activities

MSG-3 Systems Analysis

Evolution of Maintenance Programs- MSG-3 Systems & Power plant Procedure- MSG-3 Analysis- MSG-3 Logic Diagram- Task Selection- Interval Determination- Review & Summary

Evolution of Maintenance & Reliability Programs

History of Maintenance Programs- Overhaul Paradox-Maintenance Steering Group (MSG)-Reliability Centered Maintenance-MSG-3 Philosophy- Maintenance and Reliability Program Relationships-Summary


Aircraft Warranty & Guarantee Training

A warranty and Guarantee is an assurance for the airline operator that the newly acquired assets and services will perform as per its define design and performance.

Introduction To Aircraft Reliability

This module takes you through the general introduction to reliability where we already become aware of some interesting reliability aspects.

Aircraft Reliability Training-DATA Collection and Reporting

Dedicated to DATA collection and Reporting Schemes


Get Your AMPPI Certification in AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE PROGRAM PROCESS & IMPLEMENTATION. This course is developed to provide a solid basis for those who manage, supervise and administer large airplane Maintenance Programm

Aircraft Maintenance Program Development

Maintenance program and schedules will give a list of tasks, with intervals quoted in units of flight hours, flight cycles or calendar time.

Aircraft Maintenance Contracts - Cost Analysis & Reporting

Get Your AMCCAR Certification in Aircraft Maintenance Contracts - Cost Analysis & Reporting. This course focuses on the important aspects of aircraft maintenance costs. More specifically, attendees will gain an understanding of the breadth of data that needs to be collected to make logical inferences and analytical methods on how airline costs can be broken down and understanding on how they can vary from aircraft to aircraft depending on aircraft utilization and age.

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