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Marketing God's Way: An Introduction to Catholic Marketing

Whether you're a parish administrator, faith-based business owner, or simply someone who wants to evangelize, knowledge of Catholic marketing is so vital. In this free course, we'll be talking about what Catholic marketing is, why it's important, and how to begin to implement it in your ministry.

Catholic Social Media Training

Catholic social media is genuine. It's real, raw, and community-building - if we know how to leverage this tool that God has given us.

This course focuses on teaching you the basics of social media - including types of platforms, target audiences, and influencer tactics - as well as our unique findings on how Catholics in particular use these platforms.

Perfect for parish employees, Catholic small business owners, and anyone interested in evangelizing on social media!

More About Gloriam Marketing

Emily Ricci, owner of Gloriam Marketing, is a marketing professional with eight years of prior parish work experience, including Liturgical Ministry, Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, Church events, and parish office administration. Now, she is using these experiences, combined with her marketing background, to educate parishes and Catholic businesses on Catholic marketing - and how it is essential to any evangelization efforts.

Emily holds a master's degree in Theology from the Augustine Institute and also teaches New Testament courses as an adjunct professor.