Renée Hall

Renée Hall, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Tracking for Puppies with Diane

Puppy tracking? Absolutely!!! This is a great activity for you and your puppy using your pup's natural ability to follow scent. A wonderful way to keep your pup active and engaged with you in a different way. Tracking is naturally a distance activity and will tire your pup out!

Socialize & Train Your Puppy Like a Dog Trainer!

Socialization is about exposure and new experiences. Even young puppies can learn lot's of great foundation skills. Join Renée Hall for this wonderful peek into how dog trainers socialize and train their new puppies!

Full of fun games, great insights into how your puppy perceives and navigates the world and lots of dog trainer secrets shared just for you!

Beginner Treibball (Push Ball) Skills

Treibball: German for Push Ball is an exciting game for your dog! Set up like soccer, dogs are sent out from a goal area to gather and push exercise balls back to the handler in the goal area.

The sport requires a strong skill set that is great for any dog to learn, whether you plan on playing Treibball or are looking to strengthen your teamwork while working at a distance.

This class will focus on the foundation skills for success in the sport.

More About Renée Hall

Renée started Let's Speak Dog Ltd in 2008 with a dream of providing effective, positive dog training methods to her community.  In 2019, we opened Let's Speak Dog Ltd Resort which expanded our offerings to Daycare & Boarding, furthering a managed, behavior centered approach to learning and canine care.

Renée has a life time of experience with animal care and training as well as an extensive education in animal behavior and training which includes a BS in Psychology from Rutgers University, Master Credits in Education, continuing education and conference attendance as a learner and a teacher.

On the Board of Directors for the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Renée is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and a mentor for IAABC's flagship course, Principals and Practices for Animal Behavior Consultants.  Renée's company offers mentorships for the CATCH Academy and ABC College, online dog training schools, to help guide and teach future dog trainers.