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Shift your energy & change your habits, really quickly.

Adapt to Change

Activate Courage
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Detach From Fear

Shift your energy from fear to love

Release Overthinking

A meditation to clear the mind

More About Zoe Davis Therapy

Let go of the past, find a balance and move forward differently...

Hello! Thank you for being here!

I'll get straight to it, my specialty is helping people positively shift their energy and habits, really quickly.

In my time as a holistic therapist I've learned a lot about bodies, souls and consciousness and how they flow together.

When our energy is healed and cleared, our habits naturally change.


· They are all simple and easy. All you need to do is listen and let your energy be guided into a new way of perceiving things. 

· Each session is unique, listen, watch, read, journal or ponder. Whatever you feel like, there's something for different moods.

· Each course guides you through a healing process with soothing sounds, healing music and beautiful visuals that remind you how amazing the Universe is and that you are a part of it.

· Everything offered here is with the intention of softening and opening all parts within us that need it and safely releasing and letting things move away.

Check in here when you need help stopping and checking in within yourself.

Take the time to calm your nerves, slow the brain and tune into your body.

By the end of every session you'll feel a nice shift in your consciousness.

What does a shift in consciousness feel like?

Well, you might notice you stop doing something you've always done. Or, you may perhaps start a good habit without even thinking about it.

There are literally infinite possibilities of what a positive shift in consciousness can feel like, basically when we feel good, good things happen.

Good things are happening!

Thank you for finding me.
Much love and healing to you,

Zoe xox

Ps. Some courses are FREE, please have a look around and do some healing while you're here.

I really mean it when I say, prepare to feel different! Enjoy!

If you have any questions or feedback please contact me.