Dance Moves

Do you love to dance and are looking for a fitness program that is fun, challenging and energizing? Learn a variety of dance styles in one class for an amazing, complete body workout!

Winter 2021

Private access to 10 classes of progressive dance instruction and fitness. We will cover 7 dance routines including many different dance styles. These 1.25-hour workouts include a Warm-Up Dance, Floor Exercises, an Upper Body Workout, Mobility Stretching, Cardio Dances (all the routines we learn progressively over the 10 weeks), a Cool Down Dance, Stretching, Relaxation, and Meditation. Our dances are taught progressively so that you are always getting a great workout for the body and mind!

More About Dance Moves

An Edmonton-Grown Business All About Passion

In recognition of her creation of Dance Moves over 33 years ago, Linda was honoured with the Global Woman of Vision award in January, 2015. Global’s Woman of Vision celebrates the accomplishments of outstanding Edmonton women — women who have implemented their passion and whose personal dedication and actions inspire us all. “The community within the Dance Moves classes is strong,” Linda says. “People come in and socialize and have fun with their friends. It’s not as much about doing the routines properly as it is about having fun, working out, seeing your friends and having a good time.” From children as young as eight to women as old as 87, Linda and her talented instructors focus on building relationships as well as building dance routines. “People come just to see their friends and exercise,” Linda says. “It’s about the heart of the program, about the connection with everyone getting together. Dance is an expression of your soul and you become connected with the people you dance with.”