Denise Schoenberg

Denise Schoenberg- Watercolour Artist

Painting a poppy in detail

In the first video we start by considering the shapes, form and tone in the poppy, seed heads and buds. With sketching exercises to study each element of, flower, seed head and bud. Step by step videos demonstrate all stages.

Autumn colours Painting a windswept tree on the Isle of Mull

Use beautiful Autumn colours and experiment with combining watercolours and acrylic inks, use granulation medium, and bamboo or sticks to create texture.

Sunset at Blakeney

Learn how to paint a sunset using blended graduated washes for the sky, traditional techniques and granulating colours in the foreground.

Walk in the rain - tonal study

Understanding tone and using tone to maximising contrast and create atmosphere. A full range of tones are used and pure watercolour techniques explained and demonstrated. Three videos included: tone, mixing darks and painting the figure walking in the rain.

Four Project Bundle

Four projects bundled together to keep you painting this Autumn. Project 1 Tonal study- walk in the rain. Project 2 Sunset at Blakeney. Project 3 Autumn colours and a windswept tree on Mull.Project 4 Painting poppies in detail,

Anemones painting in detail

Paint the delicate petals and emerging bud to create a study of delicate luminous anemone flower heads, full of natural beauty and light.

Using a limited palette of colours, hues are blended and lifted to create delicate highlights and soft folding petals, enabling you to learn how to:
Paint wet into wet
Lift colour
Blend colours and edges
Paint moist on dry
Paint wet-on-dry

Structured lessons where you learn at your own pace. Videos, photograph, sketch materials list and support.

Painting a dandelion, crashing waves and retaining white paper

Bring a dandelion to life with a beautiful pallet of vibrant and harmonious watercolours. Paint a mass of delicate seed parachutes and create a three-dimensional, luminous flower head in step by step lessons.

Learn how to:
Mix colours
Paint a loose wash
Paint wet-on-dry
Use masking fluid

Learn at your own pace, in your own time from videos demonstrations. Photograph, materials list and ongoing feedback included.
This is also part of Creative watercolours for beginners & improvers.

A walk along the riverbank & painting trees without brushes

Paint a riverbank scene using washes and creative mark making with scrunched tracing paper, sticks and bamboo. Learn to paint trees without brushes using twigs and bamboo.

A swan and reflections on water

Enjoy painting this graceful swan gliding along the river. Capture the light on the swan and the reflections in the water. The subject is quite simple but several techniques are used to depict soft and hard edged reflections in the water and to retain the white of the paper for the highlights on the swan.

I will show you how to:

Use masking fluid
Mix all the colours you need from a palette of just three colours
Paint the swan using fundamental techniques

Painting a seagull

Bring the seagull to life with a beautiful pallet of vibrant watercolours.
Capture the beady eye, bright beak and the soft underbelly of feathers and an option to use iridescent electric blue for the background,

Using a limited palette of colours hues are blended enabling you to learn how to:
Create hard and soft edges, paint wet into wet, moist on dry and wet-on-dry

Learn at your own pace with all the information you need & over an hour of videos.

Tonal value, mix darks and paint a view of Venice at sunset

Paint an atmospheric view of Venice creating depth and perspective in your use of tone using one colour, indigo. Six videos packed full of information and exercises to enable you to learn about: line, shape and form, how to mix darks, understand tonal value range and paint a view of Venice.

Painting peeling paint and a rusty lock

Capture all the texture in peeling flaky paint and rusty metal in this lock.

Get up close with the detail in the lock and surrounding peeling paint to create depth of field in the painting and cast the shadows on the paint work from the lock.

Using a limited palette of colours, hues are blended and lifted to create soft and hard edges enabling you to learn new fundamental techniques
Learn at your own pace, with all the information you need: videos, photo, sketch provided & feedback.

Explore watercolours for beginners and improvers

A comprehensive course for beginners, those who have been painting for a short time or wanting to improve their techniques. The fundamental techniques are explained and demonstrated. Learn at your own pace with video lessons, projects to complete and downloadable photographs and sketches so that you can paint along with me.  Expand your knowledge and be creative with this wonderful medium. Click on the view course button to see more details.

Creative watercolours extending your technique

Be creative and expand your knowledge with watercolours. Ten watercolour projects covering a variety of exciting subjects learning new techniques. Each course has tutorial videos, downloadable photos and materials lists.  Click on the view course button to see more details. Learn at your own pace with with everything you need to paint along with me.

More About Denise Schoenberg

Denise Schoenberg is a well respected artist and art teacher with thriving watercolour art classes in and around Cambridge. Dedicated to helping students develop their watercolour painting, the students come to Denise seeking a fun, relaxing, and well rounded artistic experience.