Timna Tarr

Quilter, Teacher, Color Lover

O Happy Day: Appliquéd Circles 6+ Ways

Appliquéd circles are an easy way to add texture and unexpected elements to your quilts. Through videos, text, and photos Timna demonstrates more than 6 ways to add appliquéd circles to your quilting repertoire. She also provides a short demo describing how she picked out the fabrics, and fabric placement, in her O Happy Day quilt.

This workshop is beginner friendly.

Map Making with Fabrics

Learn how to use fabric to capture a special location. Maybe it’s a favorite vacation spot, your neighborhood, or your hometown. Over the course of the workshop, you will learn how to translate a paper map into a personal map quilt. Timna will show you several techniques she uses to make map quilts. This will help you take that information to make a map that helps you mark your place in the world.

This workshop is best for intermediate or confident beginner quilters.

Strung Along - String Quilting

String quilts are an easy, fun way to use scraps. This technique is extremely forgiving and can be tailored to quilts of all shapes and sizes. Through videos, text, and photos Timna demonstrates the basic skills to create your own string quilt. She also shares her color placement tips and tricks. The best part about string blocks is that they are all unique and you cannot go wrong when making them.

The workshop is beginner friendly but participants should have basic quilting skills.

Stitched Mosaics - Basic Technique

Learn how to make a pictorial quilt, by focusing on one small square at a time. If you have ever seen Timna's animal quilts and wondered, "How did she do that?", this workshop will give you the basic technical skills to create your own. For intermediate or confident beginning quilters.