Malini Rajendran

It is my mission in life to help humanity realise it's unlimited potential and divinity. So that each one of us may live a life of perfect health, happiness and bliss.


This course is about reversing your health challenges. They could be recent and acute or chronic health problems. Either way you have a way of transforming into perfect health, it is your birth right. You only have to reclaim it. This course shows you how.

Create your Perfect Day

Powerful meditations to have a perfect day at work, at home and in relationships

Perfect Vision

How to achieve perfect vision -Moving from blindness to perfect vision

Create Abundance in your life

Abundance is a state of being. This course is about how you can effortlessly create abundance in every aspect of your life.

Awaken the Genius within you

This course is about how activating both hemispheres of the brain, and the secret of how you can become a genius. Activate the source of all creative ideas, thoughts and activities. How to transition from being a limited human being to become the productive, happy and unlimited person you were meant to be.


Learn how to master the art of meditation.

More About Malini Rajendran

I’ve been a teacher, educator, motivational speaker for over four decades now. 

I  love the 1-on-1 connections made in the classroom or on the stage connecting with live participants. I never thought I would make my teaching available on line.

But its been a while now since my students have been asking me to make my lessons and guidance, that has inspired them so much, available on line.  

So, finally here I am , reaching out to you with my courses that have transformed many of my students. 

I still miss the beauty of physically connecting with my students. But I reach out to each one of you through my podcasts, via whatsApp and email. I am very happy to hear what you have to say and what you would like me to bring to you in my podcasts and my courses. I would love to learn from you how to serve you better and improve my courses.

I do have a few academic credentials I’m proud of, but in November of 2018, I went through a series of life changing events that showed me what my true mission on this planet in this lifetime is to be.
So I had to stop in my tracks, do a life course correction (follow orders from above you may say). Now I am fulfilling my mission which is helping each one of you  transform your life and reclaim your unlimited potential, infinite and divine self. To live a life of perfect health, happiness and bliss.