I love to draw and paint naturally in free abstract ways. I have used many different media but nowadays I like to work on paper and canvas, and the subject that always inspires me is the horse.

How to Draw the Horse's Head

The horse's head is one of the most iconic and beautiful images in nature. Learn the secrets of drawing the horse's head with author and artist Diana Hand, from simple starting rules of proportion to deeper anatomical understanding.

The Art of Drawing Horses with Diana Hand

Learn to express your love of art and horses with author and artist Diana Hand. Create drawings that combine your personal expression with knowledge of the horse.


I have always been an artist but it has taken me many years to discover my true identity as a creative person. I ran a successful business, and I also have degrees in painting, philosophy and art history. The learning is so precious, but only now am I beginning to gain confidence in my true voice. I love to work with immediacy, almost as though I am channelling, but to do this with quality requires a dedicated practice. Drawing and painting are skills which engage our whole selves, and just like a dancer, the artist needs to work consistently, and tap into the moment. Horses are a key to my creativity, and keeping them for many years taught me so much about them and about myself. Now I like to “give back” to my horses by drawing them with as much energy and truth as I can.

I live in the beautiful country of Scotland, UK, and have travelled widely, including to the United States to study Natural Horsemanship.