Thriving Language

Thriving Language - Early Years Consultant and Specialist Speech and Language Therapist working together, creating language-rich environments and a culture of communication and quality interactions.

Outside Environments

‘We are privileged to learn from the children that we work with’
A Great Place to be 2.

The environment changes every day because children are extending their learning every single day.

Our role is to actively listen and understand children’s critical thinking.

Provocate to educate!

This course explores the role of the outside and our role as adults in creating a language-rich environment.

Deep Engagement in Play

Understanding Schemas

This course explores what schemas are, how to spot them and why it’s important to understand a child’s pattern of play.

Course Aims:
• Understanding patterns of play
• How to enhance children’s learning and development
• Why this really matters
• Informing practice and planning

Mind the Word Gap!

1.4 million children and young people in the UK have long term speech, language and communication needs. There is a wealth of evidence out there which tells us that vocabulary is essential for accessing the curriculum, yet we know that huge numbers of children are entering school with limited vocabulary. This course is for practitioners who strive to provide the ‘best start’ for children and are motivated to close this ‘word gap’.

How do Babies Learn Language?

This course is aimed at all practitioners and parents who want a good understanding of how babies learn language and how the quality of interaction and parenting can affect this. The start of a baby’s life and the interaction they receive within the first few years is crucial to their development and future life chances for happiness. All adults who spend time with young children would benefit from having a greater insight and understanding of how the baby develops key communication skills.

Struggling to Communicate

Course Aims:
• To gain knowledge of the range of communication difficulties that children in the Early Years may experience, including:
o Comprehension difficulties
o Expressive language difficulties
o Speech sound difficulties
o Stammering
o Social interaction difficulties
• How to identify communication difficulties
• When and how to refer to Speech and Language Therapy
• Talking with parents – having difficult conversations

More About Thriving Language

Rebecca Skinner -
I am a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist and have been practising since I graduated with a BSc Hons in Clinical Language Sciences from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2001.
I have worked in various NHS trusts, working with a mixed paediatric caseload, ranging from community clinic settings to special schools and in the last 12 years specialising in cleft palate and early years.

I completed a PGCert in Cleft Palate studies at the University of Sheffield in 2013.

Becky and I first worked together in a number of Children's Centres and experienced first hand the benefits of close multi-agency working to both Professionals and children and their families.

I am passionate about improving outcomes for children and was so excited when Becky proposed we set up a business together.

Our aim is to provide support, training and information to anyone working or spending time with children.

Becky Poulter Jewson -
I am an Early Years Lead with over 25 years’ experience working with young children, families, multi-agency teams and Early Years Practitioners.
My experience ranges from owning my own Nursery and Preschool setting, to beginning a childcare career as a sole charge baby nanny. I have also led preschool teams in Nurseries across Gloucestershire. One of my favourite roles was to pilot and develop the two year old provision, researching environments that give all children a choice in their life and learning. 
I was and still am, very interested in two year old behaviours, I feel that ‘two year tantrums’ is a vastly overused term and with a few key elements in place, the two year old explorer can love and live in harmony with their family and carers (please do email if you would like more information).

Whilst running early years teams across Cheltenham Children’s Centres, one of my key roles was to develop contacts and share information with all Early Years Providers. Through this I promoted deeper understanding of how children and teams can be empowered.

In my current role as co-founder of Thriving Language, Early Years Specialist and leading a local ‘free-flow’ Pre-school, I continue to organise these informative, network meetings with Early Year Providers this is a role that I embrace and that is constantly evolving.

My inspiration
My work with children is rewarding and amazing – not many people get to run around forest school looking for the ‘Slobosauras’, or creating mud pies (and obviously adding glitter, paint and glue) in our outdoor kitchen!

Empowering adults working with and caring for children to understand the future of community, society and the future world is in their hands. To develop confidence in the amazing role they have and value themselves.


To make a difference to life-long emotional intelligence, for and with children, to secure better emotional stability, resilience and understanding of when to ask for help and build confidence so that children can live a better life in the future.

I decided to return to education and studied part time over seven years to gain my BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies. My studies and in depth experience of multi-agency working, led me to specialise in the need for every child to have the ability to gain quality interactions in engaging, stimulating and language rich environments.

Last little bit …
I particularly enjoy visiting settings and individuals to help enable choice, free flow and deep engagement in play for all ages.

Working closely together with Rebecca has enabled a deeper level of understanding of how children develop and how our quality interactions can really enhance their lives for the better. We deliver training to students from Cache Level to Masters Level and have excellent and inspirational links with Universities and Colleges across Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

We believe firmly that quality interactions will contribute to happy, healthy child development and every child deserves this.

I love visiting settings to talk about quality interactions and have also thoroughly enjoyed lecturing at the University of Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire College to the students who are the future early years workforce.