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Magic of Christmas workshop: WISHING WITH ANGELS

We have entered the most magical part of the year when the veils between spirit world and material plane are thinner. We can connect with angels and Light easier and all possibillities are open. Time it self brings much hope, joy, happiness and we believe in godness. With this truely magical worshop you will connect with your angels and you will present them your deepest wishes and desires. You will be guided through meditations and inspiring exercises which will fullfill your deepest desires.

TRANSITION INTO 5D WITH ANGELS: leave old paradigm&Start creating New Magical Self with Angels

Course for New Era which will show you how to live in 5th dimension&leave old paradigm. Open up to Angels and learn how can they help&support you. Start living Your magical self.

In this course you will: - Open up yourself to Angels - Activate 12. chakras and be showen on how to unlock your creative potentials - Learn which lifestyle leads you to freedom and which blocks you - What is the difference between 3D, 4D and How to ascend in 5D - Receive exercises&meditations&extra consultation.

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Angel Teacher - Qualified  Teacher of Angels With Diana Cooper School of White Light

Professional Relaxation Therapist by NSHS

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