Laluna Angels&Wellbeing Academy

Angel Workshops, Meditations, Angel Healings &Readings Profesional Relaxation Therapy, Eternal Light Healing(r)

TRANSITION INTO 5D WITH ANGELS: leave old paradigm&Start creating New Magical Self with Angels

Course for New Era which will show you how to live in 5th dimension&leave old paradigm. Open up to Angels and learn how can they help&support you. Start living Your magical self.

In this course you will: - Open up yourself to Angels - Activate 12. chakras and be showen on how to unlock your creative potentials - Learn which lifestyle leads you to freedom and which blocks you - What is the difference between 3D, 4D and How to ascend in 5D - Receive exercises&meditations&extra consultation.

More About Laluna Angels&Wellbeing Academy

Angel Teacher - Qualified  Teacher of Angels With Diana Cooper School of White Light

Professional Relaxation Therapist by NSHS

Eternal Light ® Healing