The Sunday Soother School of Intentional Living

Welcome to the teachings of writer and life coach Catherine Andrews. Below, you'll find courses, workshops, and e-books, all about living meaningfully, intentionally, with intuition and authenticity.

Secretly Ambitious Workshop

A two-hour workshop and Q&A session with life coach Catherine Andrews on how sensitive women can begin entrepreneurship and uncover common blockers.

An Authentic + Intuitive Year

Get two workshops and one workbook to help you through the process of discerning anxiety from intuition and discovering your true self this coming year.

Course Bundle

Anxiety vs. Intuition: Learning to Tell the Difference

A one-hour training where I teach how to best discern between anxiety and intuition; unique ways to manage anxiety; and practice to cultivate a deep inner knowing.

Intentional + Intuitive Goal-Setting Workshop

A 2.5-hour workshop on how to drop into your intuition, reflect, self-discovery and set meaningful goals for the year ahead.

31 Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

A journaling journey of self-knowledge and support via a gentle guided workbook

More About The Sunday Soother School of Intentional Living

I’m Catherine, a writer and life coach whose expertise is in helping people discover who they really are, what they really want, and then take the actionable, practical steps to start making it all happen.

I’m an expert in intentional living (aka, designing your dream life, and living soulfully and on purpose), and I want to help you mindfully and authentically take actions to build a life that reflects all of your potential and capabilities.

With 13 years experience in management of teams and leadership in the workplace, and 18 years experience in writing and editing, I believe in helping people to create, reclaim, and hone their narratives so they have the power to own and tell their own stories.

I also believe in a holistic approach to coaching and development, meaning I help clients with mindfulness, meditation, body practices, self-care tactics, boundary setting, and more.