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a course honoring our soul's growing bigger, stronger, clearer. A course that honors feminine stories, spirit; encourages, nourishes, and supports evolving great souls of grace, divinity, and wholeness.

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 Artist Statement 1-sheet

I'm a woman who grew up in the 60s, a time of four great cultural revolutions in this country: civil rights, Vatican II, women rising, and rock and roll. Most of us had televisions by that time; Vietnam War reports were brought to our living rooms. Social justice was part of our Sunday sermons.

My generation was young, impressionable, and passionate about making a better, more fair and just, world--in whatever way was in our power to influence and act.  

There's a sense now that if we're still here, we haven't finished our life's work yet... And some like me, think about those things.

Spiritually, I had a front row seat to Vatican II changes: Church services were suddenly in English instead of Latin--I could understand and pay attention to what I was saying; girls were allowed as altar servers and Eucharistic ministers; guitar music was added; and there was clarifying and defining that made my heart sing--opening windows and bringing in fresh air...applying spirit to life, in practical everyday ways.

WonderSpirit came into being through all of that. This is my work yet, to leave for others, and also a playground to create in. You can contact me, too. Coaching is conversations that move us through life easier; for sure, we don't feel so alone when a soul sister is with us. 

I'm a teacher, sister, aunt, daughter, muse, inspired by beauty life art words love giggles beaches coffee & Michael; and a cat mom.

Enjoy.  - Anne Wondra - WonderSpirit