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There are Many Ways to Make Money

Money is an emotional thing, right... And what if emotions are directly connected to wealth and well being? And what if the spirit-nature of money is supposed to be playful and imaginative... A wellness class from a wellness coach about Money and our Relationship with it.

Refind Your Happiness

Opportunity knocks in job loss. Blind-sided, feelings of betrayal, job ending, life-shifting, transition. Change holds emotions; both fear and blessing; opportunities and surprises; in unintended, unexpected occurrences. A wellness coach resource course for taking care of YOU, and coming out better.

Healthy Relationships: happiness rules, advice, and words that empowered

eBook (pdf, epub, mobi) and extras; and (optional) private sessions (scheduled separately) to support personal courage in navigating a relationship or confidence matter. Speaking up? a sensitive conversation? subject?

Woman's Spiritual Path Encounters

A soul searching, solitary path, after living awhile, after Sunday school classes are over and life has had her way with you. Life-seasoned seekers, especially women, sifting, walking, researching, re-sorting; beliefs, letting some go, adding others; finding, celebrating, including Herself ...

More About Anne Wondra - WonderSpirit

 Artist Statement 1-sheet

You can skip what follows and just read the ARTIST STATEMENT summary that's linked. 

If you want know there's always more; stories continue; and Time nudges us (me) do this now.

These are wise-woman years in my sixties; and while I'm here, full of health, energy, and life, it feels important to share my Life Wisdom WonderSpirit Collection; resources and courses I've created and led.

Social Cultural Spiritual Awakenings

My youth was in the 60s and 70s--a time of four great cultural and social revolutions: civil rights, social justice, Vatican II, women's equality, and rock and roll. Most of us had televisions; world news and Vietnam War reports were brought to our living rooms. Social justice was part of our Sunday sermons.

My generation was young, impressionable then, and passionate about making a better, more fair, and compassionate world--in whatever way was in our power to influence and do so.  

There's a sense that if one is still here, we haven't finished our Life's Work yet... Some like me think about those things. 

I had a front row seat to Vatican II changes: daily Mass in grade school was suddenly in English (instead of Latin)--words I could understand--and started listening, writing, hearing what I was saying; girls were allowed as altar servers and Eucharistic ministers; guitar music was added; and there was official clarifying and defining that made my heart sing--opening intelligent windows and bringing in fresh air to an old church--connecting spirit to life in practical, everyday ways. I loved it!

WonderSpirit  began through that lens, a sideline creative thing in the midst of a corporate career (in human resource training and development).

This is what I have to leave, and also a playground to create in. You can contact me, too, so we can have conversations that carry us forward lighter.

Life coaching is personal; a profession about growing naturally, positively, pragmatically. It's assisted self-help, you don't feel so alone when a soul sister is with you. 

I'm a sister, aunt, daughter, muse, writer, teacher; inspired by beauty life art words love giggles beaches coffee & Michael; a cat mom and humane society volunteer; and a woman of spirit of the Great Lakes.

Find something to feed your soul here, to free your spirit, and play with here. Enjoy.  - Anne Wondra - WonderSpirit