Chanelle O'Hare

Master Channel, Lightworker, Way- Shower, Gatekeeper.

The Practitioner Program

Become a multi-dimensional channel and lightworker with this 6 Month intensive course on facilitation, expansion and ignition. Ignite your healing fire for all to see and experience. How are you going to change the world? Embrace your Starseed Mission and Become the One. The Wayshower. The Healer.

Become a Powerful Self Healer! Mastery School
Conscious, Self Aware with the Mastery to Navigate your Destiny with Courage, Grace & Sovereignty. Mastery School Program will change your life forever.

Awaken Program

AWAKEN to who you truly are! Are you ready for this 8 Session Intensive Healing Program that will Guide and Heal you to recognising your True Divine Self and More!

More About Chanelle O'Hare

Chanelle O’Hare, from Corporate Media Sales in Sydney to discovering her real and authentic purpose in this world. In just a few
short years she has gained a reputation for her gifts that is paralleled by few. Quantum Healer, Multi-Dimensional Channel and
Lightworker, The Catalyst Podcast, 33 Day Live Channelling Transmissions, Lightworker Practitioner
programs and Mastery School. Chanelle goes where very few dare to travel and embraces the entirety with passion, enthusiasm,
grace and profound wisdom.
“We live in a world that is waking up! Far quicker than any of us ever expected. There are legions of souls going through
transformation shifts and awakening from the matrix of illusion and conditioning to face their ‘dark night’. These souls require
lightworkers, leaders and channelers.” This is where Chanelle excels, she is a trainer of these arts, guiding people
in discovering ‘their’ true gifts.
“It is my mission to Activate the Starseed Atom within the Collective. That is, the re-remembering of and connection to your unique
cosmic consciousness and ultimate galactic mission.” All Chanelle’s work is on a soul level from the perspective of universal
consciousness. What are you here for? That is the deep burning question on the lips of many that pass through her Mastery
School, Free Will & The 3 Pillars of Sovereignty. Her Awaken & Practitioner Programs are intense and accelerating for powerful change and personal evolution - FAST!