Rachael Jean, CPM, LM of Elemental Midwifery created this course as a response to a need she saw in her work as a midwife. Healing and transformation are her true passion.

Reclaiming Pregnancy & Birth as a Sacred Initiation

The goal of this course is to guide women through pregnancy while treating it as the preparation period leading up to the ceremony of birth. By focusing on the emotional and spiritual aspects of a women’s experience and learning practices to integrate the inner most aspects of ones psychology, profound healing and empowerment awaits.

More About Rachael

Spirit guided me to choose this path of serving women and families welcoming new life. My journey from student to practicing midwife has been one of great discovery, as my original intention continues to take form. Graduating from Birthwise Midwifery School in Bridgton, Maine in 2015, I passed the NARM exam in March of 2016 and earned the title Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). Attending over 100 births just to gain this title has given me many years to learn and study birth. I will always be a student of the mystery school of birth.

After working and living in California, Colorado, Texas, New York and now Maine, pregnancy and birth continues to fascinate and inspire me to expand my offerings. Building an off grid yurt cabin back in the summer of 2018 on 5 acres of land in Maine has been an amazing experience.  My experiences living close to nature and simplifying my needs has helped me to reconnect to my vision and purpose.

My spiritual work and healing practice has led me to create a beautiful in depth course for mothers to treat pregnancy and birth as a sacred initiation. I am excited to be offering remote guidance to mothers in any community who wish to experience my work. I also offer an online course I designed if you want to do the work on your own. I look forward to transforming birth and birthing outcomes one mother at a time through healing and presence.