Tracy Parente

Instructor, Trauma Specialist, Personal Development, Motivational Speaker

Transforming God's Glory

Faith, Favor, Fierce

Wedding...HELP ME!!!

Engaged, Excited, Extremely Confused! These tools, skills, momentum, and experiences will help you captivate your marvelous day! Weddings, Destination & Local, Elopements, Vow Renewals, & Commitment Ceremonies!

Personal Development

This is your pre-recorded course! Designed and tailored to equip you with the perfected tools to succeed, excell, elevate, and accomplish your vision!
Through this master course you will learn effectively how to evaluate, determine, replenish, execute, and step into your vision.
Through my past cogent circumstances, I have abased fear and doubt.
I grasped the concept of self obstinacy and I move in clarity, definition, and strength!
*purpose *vivacity

Adult Sexual Abuse & Sex Trafficking

*pre-recorded course
*true signs of sex trafficking
*laws & Ethics
*female & *male victims

Global Certified Life Coach Certificate

Global Certified Life Coaching! We are a Coaching Firm! 17% DISCOUNT! Pre-recorded, including public speaking, history, ethics, motivation speaking, concepts, marketing, and much more!
Prospective employers and Business! Refresher courses as needed!
We network with law enforcement, crisis centers, trauma, medical, financial, and elite business firms! Recognized on Google!
Check the reviews! Test and Certificate!
Enroll now! Enjoy and start
your journey today!

Overcoming Trauma

Pre-recorded Course

*Breathing after Trauma
*Anxiety Relief
*Emotional Development
*Rectify Fear
*Defeating Pause

Self Credit Repair "Mini info Course"

All reviews are copied and paste from e-mails, links, IG, and FB. I don't alter reviews ✔ please check spelling before you submit. This course is 100% effective. Including tax liens, bankruptcies, student loans evictions, inquiries, and more
Repair companies charge around $500! Your score rises and debt still there.
No personal information need. Please follow all instructions and be great!

More About Tracy Parente

We are a Global Christian Certified Life Coaching Firm

 Our scope, passion, and calling is to position you on higher grounds! We offer Life Coaching 4 Life Coaches, International client's, Group Sessions, Webinars, Seminars, Work Shops, Motivational Speaking, and Online Courses.

Extraction, Interfaith, Trauma Recovery, Personal Development is what we master. We network and work closely with elite Therapists, Psychiatrists, Doctors, Attorneys, Social Services, Crisis Centers, Shelters, Hospitals, and Law Enforcement.

There is no perfect client! We embrace them all. We have NFL players, MLB players, Dr's, ER Nurses, Janitors, Trauma patients, and from all walks of life!

Please discover all we have to offer in our online store, appointments, and online courses!

The rates for online courses have been lowered 50% due to success, high demand, and prayer!

Christian Counseling & Life Coach

Mobile Online Ministry

For Services, Blogs, Events, World Travels, Charity, Media, and More!

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