The Ignite and Rise Academy

Heal from your Past, Ignite your Purpose, and Rise Into Every Day

Caring for a Loved One with Borderline Personality Disorder

Tools for practicing SelfCare and Caring for a Loved One with Borderline Personality Disorder

Thriving with Borderline Personality Disorder

An Empowerment Course for Women with BPD

More About The Ignite and Rise Academy

The Ignite and Rise Manifesto

1) We will radically accept the past for what it was

2) We will respect our past actions and understand that we did the best we could with what we knew or had at the time

3) We will forgive those who have harmed or hurt us through the use of empathy, as well as forgive ourselves 

4) We will understand that the past is fixed, but the future is ours

5) We will acknowledge and make time for that which makes us happy

6) We will accept and love every aspect of ourselves

7) We will honor our bodies

8) We will honor our minds

9) We will honor our souls

10) We will uplift others, and in turn, ourselves

The founder of The Ignite and Rise Academy, Ashley Nestler, MSW, is a survivor of Schizoaffective Disorder, Quiet Borderline Personality Disorder, multiple eating disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Complex PTSD. Following past trauma including sexual and emotional abuse, bullying, and harassment, she found herself in the midst of a severe mental health crisis. Having nowhere to go but up, she rebuilt her life by facing her demons and rediscovering her true identity. Through this process, she had to reclaim her personal power and draw on her inner light to create a life that she loves; a life where she can help people like you rise from the ashes of your past towards a more brilliant tomorrow.  

Throughout her recovery, she felt a strong calling to help men and women like her who want help navigating life, but also want to have control over their emotions, build more positive relationships, and live their lives with conviction. It is because of this that she made it her mission to help you discover your personal power and take control of your mind, body, and spirit.  She is here to assist you in reclaiming or discovering your power, while also equipping you with the necessary skills to take back your life following destructive events, thoughts, or a mental health crisis and/or diagnosis. She is a firm believer that we are all precious, and each of us brings a light to the world. She looks forward to helping you discover your light so that you can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of your past into a life that you love!